How We Roll

True Barbecue. No Compromises.

Life's too short for holding grudges, drinking shitty beer or eating mediocre barbecue... the first two are up to you, but we can definitely help with that third one. Eastern Beast is dedicated to the tradition and craft of genuine wood-fired barbecue.

Barbecue is everywhere, but great barbecue can be hard to find, especially in the northern states. Aside from time and patience, one key ingredient that sets great barbecue apart from the rest is 100% wood fires -- no gas, no electric heating elements... Just wood. 

As you move further south, the true wood-fired tradition of barbecue emerges and becomes the norm. Those who have tasted the slow, wood-smoked goodness of succulent Carolina pulled pork or the juicy decadence of freshly-sliced Central Texas brisket are ruined for life. Now they know what real barbecue tastes like, and there's no going back. 

That's what we do at Eastern Beast BBQ. We ruin folks.

All of our meats are hand-selected from the finest purveyors. We use only Certified Angus Beef for our briskets. The seasoning rubs and sauces we use are made from scratch. And we smoke our meats with ONLY locally-sourced, properly seasoned oak wood. Then we bring these elements together with time, skill and patience that only comes with years of experience and a genuine passion for true barbecue.